Yard Art Pet Loo Composter

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Tumbleweeds Yard Art Pet Poo Composter

A complete solution that is a simple and effective way to dispose of your pets poo.

No Mess - No Fuss - No Odour!

The Yard Art Pet Poo composter will turn your pets droppings into nutritious fertilisers for your garden. As the worms break down the droppings they will then carry this out of the pet poo and deposit it around your garden or yard. By doing this the worms are also aerating your soil. So your droppings have now been transformed into fertiliser with the help of worms and its now re-carbonating your soil which will promote and encourage growth around your garden and yard.


Installation is easy, locate a shady position, dig a hole larger than the base basket and filling around and in the base with worms and bedding. With sensible use the pet loo can cope with the dropping of two dogs and with the worms able to move freely in and out of the bottom basket it is low maintenance, plus the surrounding ground is fertilised.


  • Vermin proof rim
  • Non slip foot pedal
  • Stylish fitted lid
  • 115cm Height
  • 52cm Diameter
  • 45cm Width 

Full Package (+£30)

In addition to the basic package you also get:

  • Compost / worm farm conditioner or Lime Mix which Balances the PH levels of your worm farm and helps the worms to digest larger quantities of food, reducing odours and controlling pest infestations.
  • A voucher for 750g of worms, simply return the voucher to us when you are ready to start using your worm farm and we will arrange for your worms to be sent directly to you from one of our specially selected worm breeders.
  • An additional Coir Block for bedding


Download a PDF for the Yard Art Pet Loo Composter

12 month warranty