Planet Saving Tips

Oxford is My World - Eco Friendly Planet Saving Tips

"Climate change is a big issue and the overwhelming consensus of world scientific opinion now tells us that climate change is happening and that it is accelerated by human activity. But, rather than being a difficult, expensive or scary thing, helping the environment and living more sustainably is easy, cost effective and benefits all of us". Charlie Morris-Marsham, Environmental Health, Oxford City Council.

Over the following pages we have taken extracts from the excellent "Oxford is My World" guide on how to reduce your impact on the environment. The guide is designed to help people make choices that benefit both our local and global environments by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

The Guide includes sections on environmentally friendly Energy, Food, Lifestyle, Recycling, Travel and Water. It is divided into “very easy”, “fairly easy” and “not-quite-so-easy” steps.