Home Food Recycling

Learn the Benefits of Home Treatment of Food Waste

Whether your just starting out or have been composting for years, we have a range of quality composters to suit everyone, including wooden compost bins, plastic compost bins, compost bags, compost tumblers, bokashi compost bins, hot composters and much more.

We have seen significant changes to our waste collections in the past few years, from collections every week to collections every two weeks. Some councils are now even charging customers for collection of green waste. Wastewatch estimate that at least half the contents of our dustbins could potentially be recycled, with 20% alone being vegetable peelings and other organic matter that could be composted at home in a compost bin or composter.

Composting at home could save you from future fees for green waste collections but more importantly it will produce a rich nutrient compost to grow fruit, vegetables and plants in and it will also help reduce the 80% of waste being sent to landfill

Benefits of home treatment of food waste

  ✿   Waste food can be disposed of immediately
  ✿   Clean dustbins
  ✿   Remaining household waste clean for recycling
  ✿   Less waste means fewer lorries on the road
  ✿   Reduces need for landfill and large-scale treatment plants
  ✿   Reduces methane production which is a greenhouse gas