Home Energy Use

Domestic energy use accounts for one-third of the UK's carbon emissions and so is just as significant in our fight to protect the environment as business and transport. The good news is that for anyone who wants to improve the energy efficiency of their house or save energy at home there is masses of support, advice and funding available in Oxford, so there's no need to green your home alone. Our ‘Very Easy’ steps show you how much energy you can save … without spending a penny!

Renewable Energy

Despite all the new technology available like solar panels and wind turbines, renewable energy isn't a new thing; humans have been using natural energy, from the sun, wind and waterways for centuries: think water and windmills, south-facing houses and log fires. In fact renewable energy is any energy that is naturally renewed, so it can't be used up. The wind, solar energy, rivers, tides and even trees qualify, but coal, oil, petrol and nuclear fuels don't.