Yard Art Pet Loo Worm Starter Pack - 750g Worms & Additional Coir Block

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Start up kit

Get your Yard Art Pet Loo off to the best possible start with this start up kit.


  • additional Coir Block for bedding
  • 750g of Dendrobaena composting worms 
Note from suppliers: you don’t have to use a bedding block if you buy worms in their own bedding, although this tends to be expensive as the bedding is desirable as a compost and most breeders don’t sell worms in this way, additionally it’s hard to know how many worms you are getting within the bedding. An alternative would be to use some well-rotted compost to ensure the worms have something to feed on straight away, but it is important to ensure that the compost is not acidic or anaerobic as this would kill the worms, for this reason we always recommend a bedding block.