Worm Farms & Pet Loos

  • Original Organics

    Standard Tiger Wormery

    Our next consignment is not due for at least another 6-8 weeks New low price - Best value Wormeries in the UK with Worms! An environmentally friendly way to turn food waste into great compost!The Tiger Wormery operates very simply and harnesses the...

  • The Original Wormery Composter

    Original Organics

    The Original Wormery Composter

    UPDATE from our suppliers - we have had a run on these and they are backed up with orders. We are looking at deliveries 20th April. Please do not order if you can not wait that long - please accept our apologies and Stay Safe! The Original Wormery...

    £69.95 - £81.95
  • 2 tier TUMBLEWEED  Can O Worms

    Diggers Garden Products

    TUMBLEWEED Can O Worms - 2 tier

    Two Tier Wormery Tumbleweed’s Can-O-Worms® is the world’s best selling worm farm – and it comes with everything you need to get started, just add worms. Within the Can-O-Worms® built in mounds encourage worms to move from the...

    £89.50 - £99.50
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  • Tumbleweed Round Worm Blanket

    Diggers Garden Products

    Tumbleweed Worm Blanket (Round or Rectangular)

    Makes your worm farm more productive Tumbleweed Worm Blankets have been designed to encourage efficient worm farming by creating the dark, moist, aerated environment that compost worms thrive in - this helps increase activity in your worm farm...

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  • TUMBLEWEED 3 tier Worm Cafe

    Diggers Garden Products

    TUMBLEWEED Worm Cafe - 3 tier

    Tumbleweed’s Worm Café® is the ultimate worm farm for indoor or outdoor use With a sleek new design and clever features, the Worm Café® turns organic waste into rich worm castings and worm tea with no mess...

    £105.00 - £120.00
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  • Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner 850g can

    Diggers Garden Products

    Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner

    Worm Farm Compost Conditioner - help your worms work faster and better Tumbleweed Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner helps neutralise acidity and balance pH levels so your worms can digest larger quantities of food waste faster. Made from a specially...

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  • Yard Art Pet Loo Poo Composter

    Diggers Garden Products

    Yard Art Pet Loo Composter

    Tumbleweds Yard Art Pet Poo Composter A complete solution that is a simple and effective way to dispose of your pets poo. No Mess - No Fuss - No Odour! The Yard Art Pet Poo composter will turn your pets droppings into nutritious fertilisers for...

    £155.00 - £180.00
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