Composting Worms

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Composting Worms

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 125g
  • 250g
  • 500g

These worms are natures composters, with a veracious appetite will quickly turn compostable waste into compost. The dendrobaena Compost worms are self regulating, the more food available the more they will breed. 125g Suitable for Can-O-Worms, Worm Factory, Worm Cafe & Worm Feast start up.

Please note: you will receive a voucher for the worms. All you need do is return the voucher to us when you are ready to start using your worm farm and we will arrange for your worms to be sent directly to you from one of our specially selected worm breeders. This is so you will always receive the worms fresh just when you are ready to use them and have already set up your composter. If you wish to receive the worms immediately at the time of your order, please make this clear in the "Order Comments" section in the check out (at the bottom of the payment section) and we will dispatch them straight away.