Stainless Steel Indoor Wormery Composter

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The Indoor Wormery - functionality and style!

This hygienically designed Wormery, will work well, fit into and above all look stunning in your kitchen! This design will allow you to produce homemade vermicompost from right inside your home. Large enough to deal with the typical kitchen generated organic waste of a family of two or three (get two if in doubt).

When we developed the very first domestic Wormery way back in the 1980's we described it as suitable for indoor or outdoor use. This was and is strictly true and as such the description has been copied by virtually all of our subsequent copiers and competitors. Whilst what we and they said and meant is technically correct, in practical terms inside was in all probability, a shed, garage, outhouse or at best a utility room. Nothing wrong with this at all, but now we have finally moved to the next stage. This hygienically designed Wormery, will work well, fit into and above all look somewhere between good and stunning in your kitchen!

The Stainless Steel Indoor Wormery Composter includes everything you need to get it going

  • 1 pack of worms
  • Coir worm bedding
  • 1.5kg Lime Mix
  • Detailed Instructions


  • Capacity 30 Litres
  • Diameter 34cm / Height 43cm / Weight 5kg

Additional Contents

  • A generous 30 litre capacity with single chamber composting
  • Integral drainage platform and sump
  • A built in stand
  • An ergonomic stainless steel tap
  • A close fitting lid with long life clear rubberised plastic gasket seal
  • Triple pressure clip points and side handles for easy mobility
  • And a central fine mesh brass aeration vent

Want more? Then why not upgrade to our Deluxe Kit and you get the following accessories as well.

Deluxe Kit Extras (+£12) 

  • 1.5kg Worm Treats
  • 1 Moisture Mat
  • Composting with Worms Book by George Pilkington

Worm Voucher Option

If you are buying a wormery as a gift or don't intend to set it up straight away, we suggest you get it delivered with a worm card instead of live worms. Then when you or the other person is ready to set it up, send back the worm card and we will send out the live fresh tiger worms to you.

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