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Tumbleweed’s Worm Café® is the ultimate worm farm for indoor or outdoor use

With a sleek new design and clever features, the Worm Café® turns organic waste into rich worm castings and worm tea with no mess. 

You’ll find your Worm Café® is easy to use in every way - a hinged lid helps you open and fill your worm farm while a sloping base on the collector tray assists the worm tea to drain easily from the drip free tap. The entire unit has been designed to prevent brown tea from running down the worm farm legs to stain your floor or tiles.

Three working trays, all of which are side ventilated, maximise the Worm Café’s® environmental stability, and keep air flowing without allowing rain to fill the farm and drown your worms. Cross ventilation also helps to prevent worm tea from turning anaerobic. 

The Worm Café® has been designed with mounds on collector trays and a fly proof lid to encourage worms to continuously move up through the trays in search of fresh organic waste. Modern legs with ant caps and a fly proof lid help prevent ants from climbing and insects from getting into your Worm Cafe®. For absolute convenience, instructions are engraved under the lid of the Worm Café®.

Features & Benefits

  • Stylised hinged, fly proof lid
  • Three large capacity rectangular working trays
  • Unique side working tray ventilation
  • Non-drip design
  • Ventilated collector tray, with worm mound, tap and sump
  • Stylised legs with ant prevention
  • Coir brick
  • Instructions engraved on underside of lid


  • Black 100% recycled plastic
  • Assembled size 57cm long x 39cm x 75cm

Full Package (+£25)

In addition to the basic package you also get:

  • A worm blanket to cover the contents and create an environment that encourages the worms to work efficiently.
  • Compost / worm farm conditioner or Lime Mix which Balances the PH levels of your worm farm and helps the worms to digest larger quantities of food, reducing odours and controlling pest infestations.
  • A voucher for 125g of worms, simply return the voucher to us when you are ready to start using your worm farm and we will arrange for your worms to be sent directly to you from one of our specially selected worm breeders.

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12 month warranty