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The NEW Tumbleweed Cube

The Tumbleweed Cube® is an indoor worm farm designed for smaller households, balconies or courtyards to reduce your carbon footprint by composting organic food waste at home. Featuring a revolutionary fully-housed system, the Tumbleweed Cube® is a modern seamless design with an interior-led aesthetic. The Tumbleweed Cube® recycles organic food waste into a rich fertiliser that can be harvested to use on the garden, to build soil health and fertility while reducing your households carbon footprint.

  • Recycles 2-3 kg of kitchen waste every week to lower your carbon footprint
  • Made from 100% UV Stabilised Recycled Plastic
  • Easy to assemble design with 2 x large working trays with hinged handles for ergonomic carrying and tray removal
  • The unique tray housing enables the worm farm to have a linear look, with no gaps or crevices for dust to collect on indoors, achieving a clean, slimline aesthetic and greater practicality.
  • The unique in-tray housing of the working trays enables the worm farm to remain more insulated, resulting in a more consistent ambient temperature within the worm farm, and better moisture retention for increased efficiency.
  • The worm farm has a built-in worm tea bucket, that has a level indicator. When full, this is easily removed, and can be diluted with 5L water to use on potted plants, or a balcony garden.
  • The unit has been designed with a unique airflow design, in the lid and top of the legs, to draw air through the worm farm to promote an aerobic environment, for happy worms!
  • The legs snap-in, with an audible click, so it’s easy to locate the correct position and know when the legs have been correctly inserted.
  • The Tumbleweed Cube® is a medium-capacity worm farm suitable for beginners to experienced users. Once established, the Tumbleweed Cube® will process 2-3kg of kitchen scraps every week.

To start this worm farm, you will need 1000 Composting Worms. Worms not included.

Product Details

  • Brand: Tumbleweed
  • Assembled dimensions: 420mm x 420mm x 395mm (H)
  • Height: 395mm
  • Lenght: 420mm
  • Width: 420mm

Full Package (+£15)

  • Includes 250g of Tiger Composting Worms

Worm Farming Guide

pdf-download-icon.png  Why not download Tumblweed's guide to worm farming - an excellent source of tipps and advice to get you started.

12 month warranty