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  • Irrigatia

    12 Dripper Extension Kit

    IRR-15T-12D Dripper extension kit for use with SOL-C12 & SOL-C24 (also previous model SOL-K12). Includes 15m tube 12 x drippers 12 x stakes 12 x t pieces

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  • Original Organics

    15L Bokashi Urban Composter

    This 15L Bokashi Urban Composter is ideal for those who have smaller gardens or live in flats. Available in either Red, Purple lid options. The Bokashi Urban Composter comes complete with 2kg Bokashi Bran. Urban Composter Dimensions Capacity: 15...

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  • Irrigatia

    20 Dripper Extension Kit (for use

    20 dripper extension kit for C120 - the C120 supports up to 120 Irrigation Units - use this kit connected inline to the C120 backbone tube. Contents 15m tube 20 drippers 20 stakes 20 T-Pieces

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  • Gutter Mate

    2m of BLACK Plastic Hose for GutterMate (20mm Bore)

    Multi-purpose, flexible corrugated clear plastic garden hose 20mm bore. 2 metres of hose provided now ONLY available in black This can be used to divert water to your waterbutt or also as a hose to water your garden. We also sell the waterbutt...

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  • Irrigatia

    30m Tube Extension Kit

    Tube extension kit for use with SOL-C12 & SOL-C24 includes 30m tube (also previous model SOL-K12) The controller can be placed up to 20m from the water source and the last dripper can be up to 60m from the water source - the standard kits come with...

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