Can O Worms

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Two Tier Wormery

Tumbleweed’s Can-O-Worms® is the world’s best selling worm farm – and it comes with everything you need to get started, just add worms. Within the Can-O-Worms® built in mounds encourage worms to move from the collector trays to the working trays. A unique flow through ventilation improves performance and prevents collected tea from turning anaerobic.

The Can-O-Worms® has legs and a tap to make it easier to collect their worm tea ….and the worms love the fact that they’ can’t get stuck in corners! Comes with a book of simple instructions, complete with frequently asked questions and answers, in their Can-O-Worms®.


  • Black 100% recycled plastic
  • Assembled size 51cm x 51cm x 65cm

Features & Benefits

  • Round, fly proof, ventilated lid
  • 2 round large capacity working trays
  • Ventilated collector tray, with worm mound, tap and sump
  • Legs
  • Coir brick
  • instruction booklet

Full Package (+£10)

In addition to the basic package you also get:

  • A worm blanket to cover the contents and create an environment that encourages the worms to work efficiently.
  • Compost / worm farm conditioner or Lime Mix which Balances the PH levels of your worm farm and helps the worms to digest larger quantities of food, reducing odours and contolling pest infestations.
  • A voucher for 125g of worms, simply return the voucher to us when you are ready to start using your worm farm and we will arrange for your worms to be sent directly to you from one of our specially selected worm breeders.

Download a PDF 

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Spare parts

We offer, direct from the manufacturer, some spare parts for your Can O Worms:

If you are looking for any other spare parts, just let us know via our Contact Form.