• Compost Mate aerator

    Diggers Garden Products

    Compost Mate aerator

    The Compost Mate is the clean, convenient and effective way to operate your compost bin and it is so much easier than using a pitch fork! With just a few minutes of light work each week, you can thoroughly mix and aerate your compost. It creates the...

  • Composting Worms

    Diggers Garden Products

    Composting Worms

    Composting Worms Available in 3 sizes: 125g 250g 500g These worms are natures composters, with a veracious appetite will quickly turn compostable waste into compost. The dendrobaena Compost worms are self regulating, the more food available the...

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  • Tumbleweed Gedye 220L Compost Bin

    Diggers Garden Products

    Tumbleweed Gedye 220L Compost Bin - With Free Compost Mate

    The award winning Tumbleweed Gedye 220L compost bin! This Gedye compost bin sits on any surface and is easy to use. The unique shape of the Gedye compost bin increases the surface area of the bin, allowing the bin to capture more of the sun's rays,...

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  • Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner 850g can

    Diggers Garden Products

    Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner

    Worm Farm Compost Conditioner - help your worms work faster and better Tumbleweed Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner helps neutralise acidity and balance pH levels so your worms can digest larger quantities of food waste faster. Made from a specially...

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