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  • Ecosavers

    Fridge LED Alarm Light

    By replacing your normal E14 bulb (bulb most commonly used in fridges) with this device you can save energy year round. This warns you if your fridge is open after 10 seconds by flickering and after 20 seconds by flickering/buzzer. The Institute of Food...

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  • Original Organics

    Garden King Composter

    Our famous Garden King Composters are perfect for the experienced and the beginner composter alike.  Manufactured from 100% recycled materials and rotationally moulded to a robust and high-quality design with a front sliding hatch for easy access...

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  • Diggers Garden Products

    Genuine Original Manufacturer Spare Parts

    Spares garden products Currently you can order the below spare parts for your Can O Worms: Replacement working tray for Can-o-Worms wormery - please click here to view Replacement set of legs for Can-o-Worms...

  • Original Organics

    Green Compost Converter

    The recycled plastic Green Compost Converter is UV stabilised to prevent degradation. It provides a secure environment for compost, retaining heat and moisture levels whilst protecting it from vermin.Other features include an extra wide hatch for easy...

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  • Original Organics

    Green Cone Food Digester

    The Green Cone is a four-part injection moulded unit comprising a lower basket installed below ground and forming the base for an upper assembly consisting of a black inner cone and a green outer lidded plastic cone. The diameter of the outer Green Cone...

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  • Original Organics

    Green Johanna Hot Composter - 330L

    The Green Johanna was developed in Sweden to provide a simple, easy to use compost system to safely compost all degradable kitchen waste all year round!The well thought out, patented design of Green Johanna means you do not have to know much about...

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  • LP - Blanket Weed Removal

    GREEN LIGHTNING Blanket Weed Removal

    The “NATURAL” Blanket Weed Killer TOTALLY SAFE TO FISH & PLANTS - one Small Bag Treats 5,000 gallons (24m³) - see table towards the bottom of this page for more details. NB: these are shipped directly from the manufacturers and...

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  • Gutter Mate

    Gutter Mate Filter and Rainwater Diverter

    Collect rainwater from your roof to your water butt or tank. Recycle rainwater straight from your downpipe. The UK's best selling, award winning Diverter & Filter. The only rainwater diverter and rainsaver that filters all rainwater before it...

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