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    Discovery Low-step frame ebike

    A modern, comfortable ebike with low-step frame for power-assisted riding with a long range of 50-70 miles, 4-hour charging & a top assisted speed of 15.5mph. It has 10 levels of assist; a fantastic option for commuters and those requiring the added...

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    Explorer Foldable ebike

    The Explorer Foldable eBike liberates its riders and sets a new standard in the way you can travel around cities. At the heart of the Explorer’s design is the need for a better way to travel around our urban environment. With the Explorer you...

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  • Little Plumber

    Little Plumber 4

    The LP4 is an Electronic Water Softener and Descaler suitable for large commercial premises that softens hard water, removes limescale and prevents limescale from forming, is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Listed below are just some of the...

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