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  • Yard Art Pet Loo Poo Composter

    Diggers Garden Products

    Yard Art Pet Loo Composter

    Tumbleweds Yard Art Pet Poo Composter A complete solution that is a simple and effective way to dispose of your pets poo. No Mess - No Fuss - No Odour! The Yard Art Pet Poo composter will turn your pets droppings into nutritious fertilisers for...

    £164.95 - £194.95
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  • Madison 185 litre Rain Barrel in Sandstone colour

    Diggers Garden Products

    Madison Rain Barrel - 185 litres

    Madison 185 litre water barrel (also available with a water feature fountain) The Algreen Madison has been designed to store rain water in the 185 litre barrel. The attached hose can be used to fill a watering can or empty the barrel...

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  • 190L Castilla Rain Barrel with decorative planter

    Diggers Garden Products

    190L Castilla Rain Barrel with decorative planter/bird bath

    Castilla 190 Litre Rain Barrel Start collecting rainwater for your garden. The Castilla rain barrel is a 190 litre capacity water butt with integral planter or bird bath. The Castilla consists of: Inbuilt Planter/Bird bath Corrosion Proof...