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  • Gutter Mate

    Gutter Mate Rhubarb Forcer

    Grow your own rhubarb the Victorian way using this traditional style plastic terracotta replica Gutter Mate Rhubarb Forcer. This practical technique is used to encourage early growth, so it's perfect if you want a quicker yield. A Rhubarb Forcer is...

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  • Original Organics

    HotBin Hot Composter - 200L

    HOTBIN Composting is a great way to divert from landfill and create great value from all your food and garden waste.The HOTBIN is a specially insulated 200 litre hot composting bin that will compost all food waste including meat and fish, not just fruit...

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  • Little Plumber

    How to Choose & Install your Little Plumber

    In order to choose the most appropriate Little Plumber limescale remover you need firstly to consider your type of plumbing system. Then you need to choose the size of house you have as follows:- Unvented Plumbing Systems ✿ i.e. with Combination boiler...

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  • Irrigatia

    Irrigatia C24 Automatic Solar Powered Watering System

    The C24 Automatic Solar Powered Watering System is a weather responsive SMART irrigation controllers uniquely use solar power to detect the weather and alter watering according to the conditions and the season – providing plants with the precise...

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  • Irrigatia

    Irrigatia Reservoir

    Don't have a Water Butt - then you need the Irrigatia Reservoir. Simply connect the Irrigatia Reservoir to a tap and insert the inlet tube & filter from the SMART Solar controller (not included)  into the Reservoir - it automatically refills...

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  • Original Organics

    Kitchen Compost Bucket - 3.5L

    Kitchen Compost Caddy BinStylish attractive design from Garden Trading - this unit sits neatly on any kitchen worktop and is ideal for teabags, egg shells and vegetable cuttings. Available colours Clay Blue Charcoal Grey Removable inner liner, so that...

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