Energy Saving

  • Chimney Pillow Log Burner

    Chimney Pillow

    Chimney Pillow Log Burner

    The Chimney Pillow designed especially for log burners. Easy to install and remove it is made from a special laminate of three poly plastics making it airtight, tear-resistant and long-lasting. Clear. Size: 6" (150mm) round. Includes 600 mm mouth...

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  • Endortherm (500ml)

    Ecosavers - EndoTherm

    Endortherm (500ml)

    Ecosavers Endotherm is an independently proven energy saving additive that will save up to an average 15% of energy bills.  Simply pour into the header tank and let it work its magic. The solution is incredibly easy to add and is non corrosive...

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