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    Tip adaptor pack

    UPDATED Pack of 8: I-Phone, Sony Ericsson, Female USB, Samsung, LG, Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia.

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  • Viper



    The POWERplus Viper is a 2 LED dynamo flashlight with carabina hook. The built-in amorphous solar cell converts day- and sunlight into electricity which is stored into the internal rechargeable battery. Very small and compact design, just 105 x 40 x 15mm...

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  • Shark



    A fantastic waterproof, wind-up and rechargeable LED Flashlight and mobile phone charger! The Shark Torch includes an AC Charger and 7 mobile phone connectors to keep you powered up on the move. A powerful 1 Watt LED plus 2 x 5mm LEDs will ensure a...

  • Seahorse



    The POWERplus® Seahorse is an 3 LED Flashlight energised by dynamo and solar power. With the integrated carabina clip, the Seahorse is easy to carry with you. The 3 ultra bright LEDs garantuees a good performance in dark conditions. 3 x...

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  • Salamander



    The POWERplus Salamander is a 3W LED waterproof ultra bright flashlight with integrated 2.400 mAh Lithium powerbank and integrated solar cell. 3 Watt Solar and USB rechargeable waterproof flashlight Colour - black 2400mAh integral powerbank 2...

  • Lion



    PowerPlus LION Dynamo and rechargeable LED Searchlight. Massive 3 Watt LED Includes mains charger and 12 V car charger Blue outer Rugged construction 5 year guarantee. Please click here for a PDF on this product.    

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