Eco Power

  • Freeloader Sixer Solar Charger top clear


    Freeloader Sixer Solar Charger

    Power your adventures with this handy, compact and lightweight solar charger. The FREELOADER SiXER is a super compact and lightweight solar powered battery pack that provides the off grid power you need to charge all your gadgets. With an integrated...

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  • H2O Water Powered Replacement H2O Cells - 2 per pack

    H2O Power

    H2O Water Powered Replacement H2O Cells - 2 per pack

    Need a replacement H2O cell for your water powered device? No problem! This replacement H2O cell comes in a pack of 2, has a minimum continuous life 1 year and is for use in the following H2O products: H2O Water Powered Weather Station H2O...

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  • H2O Water Powered Shower Power Radio front

    H2O Power

    H2O Water Powered Shower Power Radio

    The Worlds first shower radio powered by the pressure of the water alone. The Water Powered Shower Power Radio from H2O never needs batteries and costs nothing to run. It has great sound from its digital FM reception and has push button volume controls...

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  • EcoSavers Smart Charging Cable


    EcoSavers Smart Charging Cable

    The EcoSavers Smart USB Charging Cable is a micro USB charging cable with integrated digital display. When the battery of the product you are charging reaches 100%, the display will automatically show the voltage (instead of charging amperage), so you...

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  • POWERplus USB Mains Adapter


    POWERplus USB Mains Adapter

    The POWERplus USB Mains Adapter. This universal mains adapter not only works with all of our popular POWERplus range of torches, radios, lights, powerbanks etc. but for all USB powered products, regardless of manufacturer.

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