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Worm Farm Compost Conditioner - help your worms work faster and better

Tumbleweed Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner helps neutralise acidity and balance pH levels so your worms can digest larger quantities of food waste faster. Made from a specially selected blend of natural minerals, our conditioner helps soil bacteria preserve essential nutrients and increases the availability of nutrients for plants. It also helps reduce odours and pest infestations.


  • Weight 850g
  • Height 230mm
  • Diameter 70mm


  • Conditioner keeps you worm farm healthy
  • Specially selected blend of natural minerals
  • Balances pH levels in your worm farm and Compost Bin
  • Neutralises acidity
  • Helps worms digest larger quantities of food waste
  • Helps reduce odours
  • Assists in the control of pest infestations
  • Shaker top plastic bottle
12 month warranty