Vertical Picture Garden

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Vertical gardens, or green walls as they are sometimes known, are particularly useful to add decoration to walls, fences and even garden sheds. They also increase the amount of plants that can be grown in a small area - also they are easy to access and maintain.

When combined with an Irrigatia watering kit the main issue that used to be associated with vertical growing is overcome - Irrigatia systems can water up to 5m in height and drippers are attached to the top row of pots, which then filters down through the drainage holes into the pots below, which is then collected in the drainage trough,and collected for easy recycling.

Watering every 3 hours and for longer when sunny - the plants, vegetables and herbs will thrive!


The Irrigatia Vertical Picture Garden (VPG) is a modular vertical gardening system featuring an attractive paintable wooden frame of 600 x 900mm (2’ x 3’), four rows with a total of 16 removable pots and a drainage capture trough. It can be used with Irrigatia solar and other watering and irrigation systems. It is modular and can be used on walls and fences or, with the optional stand kit, free standing as garden dividers or floral towers.

This is a self assembly unit that can be mounted on a wall, fence or shed. Alternatively by purchasing the optional stand kit up to 3 Vertical Picture Gardens can be mounted on top of each other, either single or double sided - up to a total of 6 units - a massive plant growth area in a relatively small space.

This is an ideal present for someone who wants a living wall or green wall.


  • 8 piece wooden frame
  • 18 x fixing screws
  • 6 x nuts & bolts
  • 16 x POT #4 with baseplate (17.5*19.5*20.5)
  • 1 x Trough with end caps
  • 1 x drain connector
  • 1 x Torx key
Irrigation Units Capacity
  • This should be used in conjunction with a SOL-C12 (not included) - 1 dripper per every 2 pots