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Get the most out of your portable solar charger.  This nifty little gadget has a chemical compound in its core which changes colour to indicate the UV intensity of the sun - the stronger the colour - the more effective your solarmonkey and solargorilla solar chargers will be at charging your device.

uvmonkey will even keep you safe in the sun - if the colour on the chart shows as strong, put up your parasol and get in the shade!

Made from tough, rubberised materials - chuck it in your beach bag and head out into the sunshine!

N.B. uvmonkey must not be left out in sunlight for more than a couple of minutes, as the chemical compound will permanently be dyed darker.

In The Box

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How does the UVmonkey work?

The centre of the UVmonkey has a special chemical which reacts to the levels of UV from the sun.  The darker the centre goes, the stronger the UV.  This will then give a good indication if the solar strength is good enough to charge your device using your solarmonkey or if you just need to apply some sun cream!  You shouldn't leave your UVmonkey out in the sun as prolonged exposure can cause the chemical to stay dark.

How do I know when the UVmonkey is indicating that it's a good time to use my solarmonkey?

The darker the better.  We recommend for optimum performance the indicator needs to be equal to the last two darker segments of the UVmonkey.