Tumbleweed Tumbling Compost Bin - 220 litres

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Why fork when you can tumble

The tumbling action of the Tumbleweed Compost Maker takes the back breaking work out of composting. Minimal effort is required to keep the decomposition process working. Simply fill the bin with the required materials and tumble every two or three days. No heavy forking or complicated layering techniques. Air and moisture are evenly distributed by the tumble action, creating ideal conditions for rapid decomposition. A stainless steel bar running through the centre of the drum assists the mixing of the contents. Vented lids at each end maintains aeration.

Adding compost to your soil will loosen heavy clay soils, encourage strong root growth and grow healthy plants and trees. Mulching the ground will enhance the soil’s water holding capacity (especially sandy soils), and maintain an even soil temperature . The Tumbleweed Compost maker is an above ground freestanding bin. Valuable nutrients therefore do not leach into the ground while vermin are eliminated. When compost is dark brown and “earthy” it is ready to use and may be dug into the garden or spread as a mulch on the surface.

The Tumbleweed Compost Makers gives:

  • A symmetrical design for easy tumbling action
  • Vented lid both ends for ease of filling & emptying
  • Compact working envelope allows frame to be positioned close to walls
  • Stainless steel central breaker bar to assist in mixing
  • Air and moisture evenly distributed by the tumble action
  • Free standing bin means vermin are eliminated
  • Valuable nutrients are retained in the bin and not allowed to leach into the ground
  • No heavy forking or complicated layering techniques
  • Unique features of bin promotes decomposition of material. Mulch can be produced in weeks rather than months

The Tumbleweed Compost Maker is:

  • Height 117 cm
  • Width 69 cm
  • Depth 85 cm
  • Weight 10 kilo
  • Capacity 220 litres
  • Delivery carton 620mmx620mmx560mm

Composting tips

Place the compost maker in a sunny position, the heat helps to quickens the breakdown of the material. Check you compost regularly. If it is too wet add shredded newspaper and too dry add a little spray of water. When your compost is dark brown and “earthy” it is ready to be used.

Tumbleweed Compost Mate (last two images) sold separately (please enquire)

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Please click here for assembly instructions and here for operating instructions on this product. 

12 month warranty

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