Standard Barrel Water Butt 210 Litre

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The Standard Barrel Water Butt 210 Litre is a great economy water butt option to begin rainwater harvesting at home. Barrel shaped, it can collect up to 210 Litres of rainwater. quality Water Butt in green with child lockable lid is perfect for collecting and storing rain water.

  • A best selling economy water butt
  • Green, barrel shaped
  • Child lockable lid and tap provided
  • We recommend using the Gutter Mate Diveter & Filter to collect and filter rainwater before it enters your water butt

Water Barrel Dimensions:

  • Width: 61cm (24 inches)
  • Height Alone: 99cm (39 inches)
  • Stand Height: 25.5cm (10 inches)

A matching stand can be purchased separately at an additional cost of £12.