Platform Potato Planter

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The 'Platform' Potato Planter is an innovative planter designed to enable the layering up of potatoes in a unique and easy to manage way. Made from 3 'collars' and one 'base plate', the collars are placed on top of each other to extend the planter upwards as the potato plant grows - mimicking the layering process.

Easy to assemble and get going, the first stage is to plant up one 'collar' with the 'base plate' unit attached to the bottom. This provides the seed potatoes with the first 4 inches of soil with which to start growing. As the potatoes shoot away, the next 'collar' is attached (via a clever interlocking system) providing the next 4 inches of soil. A watering ring at the top of each collar enables watering to get to the lower areas of the planter as the higher level collars are attached, ensuring a bumper yield of potatoes. 

This system provides the potatoes with the maximum light during the early stages of growth (with no fabric bag flopping about above the developing shoots - as with many other planters) delivers water to the roots at all stages of growth; as well as providing an easy method of harvesting - the collars can be removed one at a time. Holds approx 60 litres of compost.


  • Height: 60 cm
  • Width: 32 cm