Moon, Thermometer, Barometer (Vertical)

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The Moon, Thermometer, Barometer dial is a unique, innovative combination dial giving a convenient combination of moon phase, thermometer and time all in one clock helping to predict peak gardening times and mood swings! Legend has it that we all go a bit mad on a full moon, which is where the word ‘lunatic’ originated from!

Made from recycled plastic and a crushed stone powder for an authentic slate look and feel, it is perfect as a unique gift idea for the eco conscious gardener! This Dial is available in a vertical or a horizontal configuration. If you live by the sea then you may wish to switch the thermometer for a tide dial. If so, please search for our moon, tide, barometer dial!

  • DIMENSIONS: W35 x H13cm
  • Approx 600g
  • 1 AA battery required (not included)