Lumilife E14-A3-WW-F

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Replace your old bulbs and save money. Plug and play 4.5W bulb that’ll cut energy consumption by up to 90% when you switch from traditional bulbs. Quick replacement. Yes, and easily. The E14-B3 4.5W comes in a standard size and fit to make swapping over straight-forward. See how much you can save. It’s surprising how much you can save by simply swapping over your bulbs. The running costs for 10 E14-B3 bulbs is approximately just £1.22 month. These bulbs have a lifespan that stretches 11.4 years – 20 times longer than standard lights. You can expect to save approximately £150.41 per bulb during this time – just think how much you could save by replacing the bulbs throughout your home. (calculations are based on the current UK rate of 0.15p kHw. Prices may vary based on current UK rate). Extra-wide beam angle. This bulb comes with a 260° beam angle, which is one of the widest you’ll find. This spreads the light further, which covers more area in one go. More lumens per watt. This bulb packs 320 lumens of light – which is at the higher end of the brightness scale. It’s a solid replacement for standard 40W bulbs. Pick your colour. Warm White is a favourite amongst our customers and is great for spreading subtle, soft light across living areas. Cool White is just what you need for bathrooms and kitchens. It creates a contemporary feel and helps improve focus, which is ideal when you’re cooking. Dimmable bulbs. Please ensure you check with your dimmer’s manufacturer for compatibility before purchase.