Little Plumber 1

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The LP1 is an Electronic Water Descaler that softens hard water, removes limescale and prevents limescale from forming, is easy to install and requires no maintenance.


Here are some of the benefits of installing an LP1 unit:

  ✿   Treats 1-4 bedroom house 
  ✿   Removes existing limescale 
  ✿   Prevents new limescale forming 
  ✿   Protects and extends the life of your appliances 
  ✿   Reduces your heating bills 
  ✿   Kinder to skin and hair 
  ✿   Water remains potable so it can be used for drinking and cooking 
  ✿   Easy to install 
  ✿   Guaranteed to work and guaranteed to last (see guarantees) 
  ✿   No plumbing or chemicals 
  ✿   Cost £2.00 a year to run 
  ✿   Cuts energy costs - ECOFRIENDLY 
  ✿   Treats pipes up to 50 mms diameter 
  ✿   Works on both plastic & metal pipes 
  ✿   Computerised microchip technology 
  ✿   Made in the U.K. by people who care 
  ✿   Used by professionals 
  ✿   H:72mm W:104mm D:31mm 
  ✿   Mains Lead: 2m long, Aerial: 1 x 1.5m 




How to chose which Little Plumber is right for you

  Property   LP1    LP2    LP3    LP4  
  1-3 bed flat X      
  4-5 bed flat   X    
  6+ bed flat     X  
  1-4 bed house LP1  LP2 LP3 LP4
  Vented   X    
  Unvented X      
  5+Bed House LP1 LP2 LP3 LP4
  Vented X X    
  Unvented X X    
  6-10 Bed House LP1 LP2 LP3 LP4
  Vented X   X  
  Unvented X   X  
  10-15 Bed House   X X  
  15+ Bed House       X













The Little Plumber LP1 Water Descaler is designed to treat a 1-4 bed house and has been TRIED & TESTED over 10 years. Little Plumber 1 is our most popular unit and is currently installed in houses all over the U.K. and elsewhere. 

The manufacturers tell us they have NEVER HAD ONE SENT BACK!... and offer a 12 month no-quibble money back guarantee. Please note Free shipping in the UK only.



  ✿   LP1 - 1-4 Bed House
  ✿   LP2 - 5+ Bed House
  ✿   Solo - 1-4 Bed House (battery operated)
  ✿   LP3 - Small Commercial
  ✿   LP4 - Large Commercial