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  • Fridge LED Alarm Light


    Fridge LED Alarm Light

    By replacing your normal E14 bulb (bulb most commonly used in fridges) with this device you can save energy year round This warns you if your fridge is open after 10 seconds by flickering and after 20 seconds by flickering/buzzer. The Institute of...

  • Powerplus


    The Oryx is an emergency hammer which is used to break the glass of your car in case of emergency, for example when the car comes into the water. This product also has an integrated seatbelt cutter to cut your seatbelt in case of emergency. The...

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  • Ecosavers

    Panda Eco Stapler

    A perfect solution to staple less stapling. The Panda is robust and looks great on any desk. Easy to use by both children and adults. Simply insert up to 6 sheets of paper and press the Panda's head for perfect staple less stapling. Never needs refilling...

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  • QS

    Quick-Sit Plain

    QuickSit is a British designed AND British manufactured fully portable seat. Manufactured from 100% reclaimed polypropylene, the Quick Sit comes with a life time guarantee, is water proof, bend proof, and is almost indestructible. Ideal for indoor or...

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  • Original Organics

    Stainless Steel Indoor Wormery Composter

    The Indoor Wormery - functionality and style!This rather stylish stainless steel indoor Wormery includes: A generous 30 litre capacity with single chamber composting Integral drainage platform and sump A built in stand Coir Bedding An ergonomic...

    £105.95 - £115.95