Solar Irrigation

No need for electricity or a tap - ideal for greenhouse watering, garden irrigation, vertical gardens & green walls, hanging baskets, raised beds, allotments & holiday watering. Just drop the inlet filter into the water butt, position the control unit somewhere sunny, switch on and leave. It waters every 3 hours - now the clever bit - it automatically waters for longer when sunny - plants love it! ... please click here to see the most recent news about Irrigatia (opens in a new window). 

  • Micro-Porous Hose Kit


    Micro-Porous Hose Kit

    Micro-Porous Hose Kit - 25 meters   Ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments. Waters up to 25m of veg patch or flower beds.   Quick and easy to set up. Connects directly to the outlet tube from the SMART controller and can be laid in...

    £49.95 - £154.95
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