• Irrigatia

    12 Dripper Extension Kit

    IRR-15T-12D Dripper extension kit for use with SOL-C12 & SOL-C24 (also previous model SOL-K12). Includes 15m tube 12 x drippers 12 x stakes 12 x t pieces

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  • 190L Castilla Rain Barrel with decorative planter

    Diggers Garden Products

    190L Castilla Rain Barrel with decorative planter/bird bath

    Castilla 190 Litre Rain Barrel Start collecting rainwater for your garden. The Castilla rain barrel is a 190 litre capacity water butt with integral planter or bird bath. Details Inbuilt Planter/Bird bath Corrosion Proof Screen Guard Brass...

  • Irrigatia

    20 Dripper Extension Kit (for use

    20 dripper extension kit for C120 - the C120 supports up to 120 Irrigation Units - use this kit connected inline to the C120 backbone tube. Contents 15m tube 20 drippers 20 stakes 20 T-Pieces

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  • Gutter Mate

    2m of BLACK Plastic Hose for GutterMate (20mm Bore)

    Multi-purpose, flexible corrugated clear plastic garden hose 20mm bore. 2 metres of hose provided now ONLY available in black This can be used to divert water to your waterbutt or also as a hose to water your garden. We also sell the waterbutt...

  • Irrigatia

    30m Tube Extension Kit

    Tube extension kit for use with SOL-C12 & SOL-C24 includes 30m tube (also previous model SOL-K12) The controller can be placed up to 20m from the water source and the last dripper can be up to 60m from the water source - the standard kits come with...

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