Electric Bikes

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Cycling is hugely popular. Electric bikes take it to the next level, mixing traditional cycling with a battery powered, rechargeable motor. The result? Some amazing benefits:

– Save time – your journey will be quicker as eBikes cut through the traffic and cruise up hills. (Our London journeys are so easy!)

– Save money – an electric bike is one of the cheapest ways of travelling. (Think of all the parking charges you’ll avoid too!)

– Save sweat! Whether you’re cycling to work or a social event, you want to arrive fresh and ready to go. eBikes are the perfect solution. 

Based in London, the White Bear eBikes team lives this lifestyle – we love it!

Electric cycling is good fun and you don’t need to be fit to enjoy it. The eBike makes all the effort – cycling up hills has never been easier!

Plus – electric cycling is extremely environmentally friendly. Everyone wins.


    Discovery Low-step frame ebike

    A modern, comfortable ebike with low-step frame for power-assisted riding with a long range of 50-70 miles, 4-hour charging & a top assisted speed of 15.5mph. It has 10 levels of assist; a fantastic option for commuters and those requiring the added...

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    Explorer Foldable ebike

    The Explorer Foldable eBike liberates its riders and sets a new standard in the way you can travel around cities. At the heart of the Explorer’s design is the need for a better way to travel around our urban environment. With the Explorer you...

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