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  • 330L Compost Converter

    Original Organics

    330L Compost Converter

    Perfect for garden compost This 330L Compost Converter is a compost bin designed to provide a secure environment for compost while retaining heat and moisture levels and keeping vermin out and comes with the option of a matching base...

    £49.99 - £59.99
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  • Replacement legs and a breaker bar for a Tumbleweed Compost Bin

    Diggers Garden Products

    Replacement Frame for a Tumbleweed Compost Bin

    Original manufacturers frame for a Tumbleweed tumbling composter Replace your lost or damaged Tumbleweed compost tumbler frame with this original manufacturers frame spare part.  The frame consists of: 4 x legs 2 x dowels 2 x...

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  • Micro-Porous Hose Kit


    Micro-Porous Hose Kit

    Micro-Porous Hose Kit - 25 meters   Ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments. Waters up to 25m of veg patch or flower beds.   Quick and easy to set up. Connects directly to the outlet tube from the SMART controller and can be laid in...

    £49.95 - £154.95
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  • Complete Wormery Accessory Kit

    Original Organics

    Complete Wormery Accessory Kit

    The Complete Wormery Accessory Kit Includes everything you need to start or rescue a wormery: 2 Pouches of Tiger Worms (approx 300) 1 Coir Worm Bedding Block (produces approx 9 litres of peat free compost) 1.5kg Lime Mix (this mix will ensure that...

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  • The Original Wormery Composter

    Original Organics

    The Original Wormery Composter

    Highly acclaimed and bestselling all-in-one wormery The Original Wormery is our highly acclaimed and best selling all-in-one Wormery. The Original Wormery was the very first commercially available Wormery and has been modified, developed and improved...

    £73.99 - £99.99
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  • Original Organics

    Standard Tiger Wormery

    An environmentally friendly way to turn food waste into great compost! The Tiger Wormery operates very simply and harnesses the 'surface-feeding' nature of the Tiger Worms that live inside it. As the unit fills, the worms follow the food upwards through...

    £75.99 - £80.99
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  • Finia Water Feature Reservoir

    Gutter Mate

    Finia Water Feature Reservoir

    The Gutter Mate Finia Water Feature Reservoirs provide the ideal base for most types of water features The Finia Water Reserviors are the blank canvas for the creative gardener wanting to enhance their garden with a water feature and they come in 4...

    £69.99 - £459.99
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