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  • Fresha Tank Water Cleaner - packet

    Diggers Garden Products

    Fresha Tank Water Cleaner (antimicrobial disc)

    Natural water treatment with antimicrobial disc High quality hygienic, 100% reliable and everlasting. When immersed in water it destroys germs, virus bacteria and fungus. Water stays fresh clean and odour free. Environmentally friendly. Made from...

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  • Pump Kit for Casacata

    Diggers Garden Products

    Pump Kit for Casacata

    This Cascata linking kit can allow you to link up to 3 water barrels at the one time, allowing all 3 barrels to fill with water down the one spout This kit gives you no reason to move the spout from barrel to barrel, a more efficient way to collect your...

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  • TUMBLEWEED 3 tier Worm Cafe

    Diggers Garden Products

    TUMBLEWEED Worm Cafe - 3 tier

    Tumbleweed’s Worm Café® is the ultimate worm farm for indoor or outdoor use With a sleek new design and clever features, the Worm Café® turns organic waste into rich worm castings and worm tea with no mess...

    £119.95 - £144.95
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  • 2 tier TUMBLEWEED  Can O Worms

    Diggers Garden Products

    TUMBLEWEED Can O Worms - 2 tier

    Two Tier Wormery Tumbleweed’s Can-O-Worms® is the world’s best selling worm farm – and it comes with everything you need to get started, just add worms. Within the Can-O-Worms® built in mounds encourage worms to move from the...

    £89.95 - £109.95
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  • Yard Art Pet Loo Poo Composter

    Diggers Garden Products

    Yard Art Pet Loo Composter

    Tumbleweds Yard Art Pet Poo Composter A complete solution that is a simple and effective way to dispose of your pets poo. No Mess - No Fuss - No Odour! The Yard Art Pet Poo composter will turn your pets droppings into nutritious fertilisers for...

    £164.95 - £194.95
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  • Ergo Garden Indoor/Outdoor elevated garden bed

    Diggers Garden Products

    Ergo Garden Indoor/Outdoor elevated garden bed

    DISCONTINUED - SORRY! Self watering planter with water reservoir The Ergonomic Elevated Garden has a warm contemporary design that will beautifully accent your home and garden. It’s innovative and versatile design features durable weather...

  • Accessories for Tumbleweed and other garden products

    Diggers Garden Products

    Accessories for Tumbleweed and other garden products

    Tumbleweed & Diggers accessories All the below products are available to purchase individually. RAINWATER DIVERTER ... with on /off Control lever Click here to view Fits both 68 mm round and 65 mm square down pipes Collects rainwater...

  • Tumbleweed Original Manufacturer Spare Parts

    Diggers Garden Products

    Genuine Tumbleweed Original Manufacturer Spare Parts

    Our most popular spare parts for your Tumbleweed Can O Worms  Replacement working tray for Can-o-Worms wormery - please click here to view Replacement set of legs for Can-o-Worms wormery - please click here to...