Gutter Mate Rhubarb Forcer

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Grow your own rhubarb the Victorian way using this traditional style plastic terracotta replica Gutter Mate Rhubarb Forcer. This practical technique is used to encourage early growth, so it's perfect if you want a quicker yield.

A Rhubarb Forcer is designed to grow rhubarb and other vegetables such as leeks in darkness. Once the shoots have appeared you are able to remove the lid, so they grow towards to the light. Not only will the rhubarb crop be brought on earlier, it will be pink, tender, juicier and sweeter.

'Best Buy' in BBC Gardener's' World Magazine

The Rhubarb Forcer is the perfect plastic replica of a grand old design, but a fraction of the weight and it won’t break.

It comes with a lid and handle. It is light weight and is made from high quality UV stabilised plastic, therefore making it difficult to chip or crack.

Rhubarb Forcer Dimensions

  • Height: 72.5cm (no lid)
  • Height: 81cm (with lid)
  • Weight: 3.80 kg
  • Bottom Diameter: 56.5cm
  • Top Diameter: 27cm
  • Lid Diameter: 29 cm
  • Strong and Versatile