Fresha Tank Water Cleaner (antimicrobial disc)

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Natural water treatment with antimicrobial disc

High quality hygienic, 100% reliable and everlasting. When immersed in water it destroys germs, virus bacteria and fungus. Water stays fresh clean and odour free. Environmentally friendly.

Made from natural materials, copper and silver. It's simple and stylish working every time without wear. Suitable to put in your water barrel, it will immediately begin to work.

One disc required per 200 litres approximately. More can be added if needed depending upon situations. Discs required for Algreen barrels:-.Agua - 1 Disc. Madison - 1 Disc. Cascata - 2 Discs.


  • Is made from Copper and Silver
  • Uses the natural biocidal effects of real siver, which when immersed in water, destroys germs including: Viruses, bacteria, fungus, algae and water-bourne diseases.
  • FreshaTank works without wear, meaning 1 disc will last you a lifetime!
  • Just place Fresh Tank in your Aquarium or Water Butt and it will immediately begin working.
  • FreshaTank will treat 90 litres of water which is nutrient rich in bright sunlight, or can treat up to 200 litres of water in a Water Butt.
12 month warranty