Energy Saving Devices

  • Smart Charging Cable


    Smart Charging Cable

    The EcoSavers® Smart USB Charging Cable is a micro USB charging cable with integrated digital display which shows you the voltage and the charging current (in A). When the battery of the product which is charged becomes full, the display will...

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  • Kinetic Door Bell


    Kinetic Door Bell

    Now you can place your door bell anywhere and never have to replace batteries. No wiring either. Using a kinetic switch when the door bell is pressed creates enough electricity to transmit the signal up to 100m. The EcoSavers® Kinetic Wireless...

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  • Fridge Freeze Thermo


    Fridge Freeze Thermo

    Did you know that if you keep your fridge or freezer too cold, the fridge and freezer takes much more energy then needed ? To preserve your food and saving energy at the same time, the best temperature to set your fridge is between 4-7 degrees Celsius...

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  • Light Bulb Timer -1


    Light Bulb Timer

    Simple energy saving plug in device that automatically turns off a light after a pre set time Features & Benefits Gives an audio signal for safety 2 minutes before turning off Can be set from 5 to 60 minutes. Reset by turning off and on...

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