Energy Saving

  • Radiator Booster


    Radiator Booster

    The all new Radiator Booster Turbo Logic draws heat from behind a radiator and disperses the warm air more evenly and efficiently around the room.    With an airflow increased by 2.5 times, this is the most effective radiator Booster ever!...

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  • Radiator Foil


    Radiator Foil

    A magnetically fixed heat radiant foil that reflects heat back to the room rather than be absorbed by the wall. Kit includes enough foil and magnetic strips to cover 5 metres of radiator. Easily installed - no need to remove radiator. No Glue - No Paste...

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  • Radiator Key


    Radiator Key

    The radiatorkey features a metal standard size radiator key with a silicon keychain. By releasing the air out of your central heating system, you allow radiators to work more efficient and therefor save energy. Please click here for a downloadable PDF...

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  • Shower coach Hourglass


    Shower coach Hourglass

    The EcoSavers Shower Coach Hourglass is an educational product which reminds you to reduce the showering time. Simple 5 minute shower timer Rotate to start the sand running Simple suction cup attaches to any smooth surface When you reduce the showering...

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  • Shower Timer - DROP


    Shower Timer - DROP

    This water drop shaped shower timer will have you in and out the shower in no time, saving you lots of money and preventing the wastage of water. The suction cup fixes to tiles, has a digital countdown timer and sounds the alarm once the countdown is up...

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  • Shower Timer - DUCK


    Shower Timer - DUCK

    Kids love this duck shaped shower timer, plus it gets them in and out the shower in the appropriate time, saving money and water. Limit the time you shower and save water, energy and money Duck timer with digital countdown alarm can easily be mounted on...

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