• Freeloader Supercharger 5W


    Freeloader Supercharger 5W

    Freeloader Supercharger 5W portable solar panel includes 5W HD solar panel, Integrated USB output, Power / Charge your device, Rugged water and drop resistant design, Complete with 2 Velcro straps to attached to your bag, backpack, pannier etc. The...

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  • Freloader Off Grid Photographer Pack


    Freloader Off Grid Photographer Pack

    The ultimate power bundle for adventurer photographers, the Freeloader Off Grid Photographer comprises Freeloader Sixer power station, the all weather SuperCharger 5w, which seriously reduces the charging time of the iSIS and the brand new CamCaddy2...

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  • Gorilla Pad  (end of line - only one left)


    Gorilla Pad (end of line - only one left)

    iPad compatible connector specifically designed to safely and efficiently charge an iPad from your powergorilla, minigorilla or 12V powermonkey extreme portable charger.    The gorilla-pad connector auto-senses the voltage and reduces the...

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  • Light Monkey


    Light Monkey

    This 5V USB light can be powered by your powermonkey explorer for a handy, powerful portable light solution. Incorporating a rubber bracket which allows you to connect it to a tent pole and bicycle bars. the lightmonkey is fully waterproof and shockproof...

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  • Lizard



    The POWERplus Lizard combines a solar AA battery charger (to charge AA batteries) with a powerbank to charge your mobile devices like mobile phones, GPS systems, E-readers etc. After the lifetime of the batteries, just replace with new AA...

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  • Mini G


    Mini G

    Introducing the mini-g - the latest multi-voltage charger in Powertraveller's award-winning range. Packing a powerful punch, the mini-g houses a 12,000mAh lithium battery and is capable of charging a plethora of electronic devices, all wrapped up in a...

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