• Falcon – 5 in 1 Lantern, FM radio, Powerbank, charger and alarm - front


    Falcon – 5 in 1 Lantern, FM radio, Powerbank, charger and alarm

    Enjoy the freedom of mobile radio, light and power  The PowerPlus Falcon is the ultimate lantern and something that every outdoor lover should have. It's hard to count on two hands the amount of fantastic features this multifunctional product has,...

  • Blackbird



    Charge by spinning The POWERplus Blackbird is a 3 LED powerful flashlight with a unique spinning charge method. The unique and solid design guarantees high quality and excellent lighting performance. Take the light in your hand and spin to...

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  • Bee



    Ultra compact wind up twin LED torch on a handy key ring. This fantastic, convenient torch has rubber grips for winding and integral fluorescent strips for those unfortunate times in the dark when you're unable to find your items. A great...

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  • Barracuda - Solar & Wind-up LED Torch - top


    Barracuda - Solar & Wind-up LED Torch

    The rugged and waterproof Barracuda torch utilises solar and wind up energy so you'll never be without light Charge it in the sunlight or simply use the handle to wind up the flashlight. This torch really is a must have if you're spending...