• Tuna



    The Tuna is a water bottle with a solar/usb powered LED lantern, it can also help to disinfect water by using SODIS-method (solar disinfection). Just fill the Tuna with water and set out in the sun for 6 hours, the UV-A rays in sunlight kill germs such...

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  • Venetian Solar Light Twin Pack

    Solar Technology

    Venetian Solar Light Twin Pack

    This highly decorative solar powered set of lights is enough to brighted any garden.  This high quality stainless steel, bright LED light runs for up to 8 hours per night. High quality 314 marine standard stainless steel body. Automatic...

  • Viper



    The POWERplus Viper is a 2 LED dynamo flashlight with carabina hook. The built-in amorphous solar cell converts day- and sunlight into electricity which is stored into the internal rechargeable battery. Very small and compact design, just 105 x 40 x 15mm...

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  • Swallow



    Just windup the front light, attach it at the holder and you have a bright front and rear light on your bicycle. use the normal or the flashing mode to secure you will be seen in the dark. The Swallow is also a dynamo emergency charger for your...

  • Shark



    A fantastic waterproof, wind-up and rechargeable LED Flashlight and mobile phone charger! The Shark Torch includes an AC Charger and 7 mobile phone connectors to keep you powered up on the move. A powerful 1 Watt LED plus 2 x 5mm LEDs will ensure a...

  • Seahorse



    The POWERplus® Seahorse is an 3 LED Flashlight energised by dynamo and solar power. With the integrated carabina clip, the Seahorse is easy to carry with you. The 3 ultra bright LEDs garantuees a good performance in dark conditions. 3 x...

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  • Salamander



    The POWERplus Salamander is a 3W LED waterproof ultra bright flashlight with integrated 2.400 mAh Lithium powerbank and integrated solar cell. 3 Watt Solar and USB rechargeable waterproof flashlight Colour - black 2400mAh integral powerbank 2...

  • Meerkat



    The POWERplus Meerkat is a compact dynamo LED flashlight which can be easily turned into a lantern. With the integrated handle you can hang the light anywhere. Wind up camping lantern Use as a direct flashlight or as a lantern Compact and...

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