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  • Portable Solar Panel 4W

    Solar Technology

    Portable Solar Panel 4W

    This 4W 12 volt fold up solar panel is the most efficient way to keep a car, truck, boat or caravan battery charged. The solar panel is tough, encased in hard wearing ABS material and it can be used in all weather conditions, including indoor and...

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  • Wallaby



    The POWERplus Wallaby is a lithium-ion 400Wh multifunctional power supply with: 2 AC 220V outputs (300W max.), pure sine wave inverter 1 DC 12V cigarette output (120W max) 2 DC 12V 6mm output (36W max) 2 USB 5V 2.1A output 2 USB 5V 1.0A...

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  • Tuna



    The Tuna is a water bottle with a solar/usb powered LED lantern, it can also help to disinfect water by using SODIS-method (solar disinfection). Just fill the Tuna with water and set out in the sun for 6 hours, the UV-A rays in sunlight kill germs such...

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  • Python



    The Python is a foldable monocrystaline solar panel with 2 x 20 watt output, it can be folded as a case and then can easily be transported in a protective case (included). The panel has a built-in charge controller with integrated USB output port...

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  • Crocodile



    The Crocodile is a powerful, portable 5 watt solar charger and 10,400mAh powerbank with a neoprene protective pouch and stand for the solar panel.   This product is the most eco friendly powerbank in the world. First of all, it work with...

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  • Cayman



    The Cayman is a high quality AC-DC-USB Power Station with Lithium Ion battery with a total capacity of 220Wh. It is lightweight and easy to carry, a good power source for outdoors, camping, boating, emergency etc. Please click here for a PDF on this...

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  • Extreme Solar


    Extreme Solar

    The extreme solar is a lightweight, clamshell solar panel, offering a 5 watt, 5V 1A output - perfect for charging smaller devices such as smartphones, GPS systems and handheld action cameras on the move. The panel opens to a 210 degree angle, making it...

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