Eco Garden

  • Parakeet


    The POWERplus Parakeet is a solar powered PIR sensor outdoor light. As soon as the Parakeet detects movement, the LED light will illuminates a few seconds. The Parakeet is made of stainless steel and PMMA plastic. PMMA is beter UV-resistant as...

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  • Boa


    The POWERplus Boa is a 20 LED high performance solar outdoor light in the Safety & Security line of POWERplus. The Boa has an integrated 1W solar cell; besides this, the Boa is unique in the market by having a micro USB charging in port,...

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  • Cricket



    The Cricket is a solar powered LED pebble stone which is a perfect lighting solution where electricity may not be available such as your lawn, yard or garden paths. During the day, the solar panel converts the sunlight into electricity and recharges the...

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  • Goldfinch



      The POWERplus Goldfinch is a multifunctional solar light in the Home & Garden line of POWERplus.The double solar cell charges the internal battery which provides the energy for the light at night and automatically switches on in the dark and...

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  • Giraffe



    This item represents the ultimate in solar garden lighting. The stainless steel 60cm solar outdoor LED post light is 20 times brighter than a standard solar light. This makes it capable of illuminating an area of up to 7m in diameter. Not only does...

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  • Flamingo



    The POWERplus Flamingo is a 3 in 1 solar outdoor line the the Home & Garden range of POWERplus. You can use the Flamingo as a gardenlight, a walllight or as tablelight.The Flamingo charges the internal battery in daytime by the integrated solar cell...

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  • Ferret



    The POWERplus Ferret is a stainless steel solar powered candlelight which can be used in 3 different ways as a table light, hanging light or garden light (with ground pin). The candlelight gives a very beautiful light effect in the dark. Switches...

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  • Cat



    The POWERplus Cat is a solar powered PIR sensor light with 4 LEDs. When it is getting dark, the integrated daylight sensor will switch on the standby LED lights in energy saving mode, so the light acts as an orientating light. When the PIR sensor...

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