Home & Garden

  • Parakeet


    The POWERplus Parakeet is a solar powered PIR sensor outdoor light. As soon as the Parakeet detects movement, the LED light will illuminates a few seconds. The Parakeet is made of stainless steel and PMMA plastic. PMMA is beter UV-resistant as...

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  • Sphynx - Solar Lamp - side


    Sphynx - Solar Lamp

    The Power Plus Sphynx is more then meets the eye.  It's primary function is to be a cool, eco-friendly lamp. With the mixture of bamboo and steel, it's certainly eye catching!   The best thing about the steel element of it is that it has...

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  • Flamingo



    The POWERplus Flamingo is a 3 in 1 solar outdoor line the the Home & Garden range of POWERplus. You can use the Flamingo as a gardenlight, a walllight or as tablelight.The Flamingo charges the internal battery in daytime by the integrated solar cell...

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  • Bubble Light


    Bubble Light

    The Powerplus Bubblelight is a truly unique solar garden light that is sure to garner plenty of attention. Made of high quality stainless steel, this solar light emits a wonderful bubble effect in the dark that looks perfect in any garden.  ...

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