Double Barrel Compost Tumbler - 140L

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The 140L Double Barrel Compost Tumbler features two 70L tumblers on a single frame, allowing one filled tumbler to mature while continuing to fill the other tumbler.

To add to the convenience, loading and unloading material from the Double Barrel Compost Tumbler is also made even easier with the extra large removable lids and the steel frame which holds the tumblers off the ground to create a convenient loading height. In addition, to ensure the tumblers do not rotate during filling or emptying, they are equipped with a stopping handle.

Inside each 70L tumbler are internal aerated mixing bars which accelerate the decomposition process.


  • Height 82cm
  • Width 61cm
  • Length 79cm
  • Capacity: 140 Litres (2 x 70 litres)