Cascata Rain Barrel - 245 litres

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Cascata 245 litre water barrel - with decorative crown planter/bird bath

The Algreen rain barrel designed in Canada and built in the UK combines the timeless aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the enduring longevity of modern plastics. The Algreen rain barrels are made of rotomolded plastic that is able to withstand extreme temperature and will not chip or crack. The Cascata offer several different ways that it can be connected to rainwater outlets and the way it can be used.

The Cascata consists of:

  • Crown Planter/Bird bath
  • Corrosion Proof Screen Guard
  • Brass Tap
  • Overflow Valve
  • Elbow fitting for Hose attachment
  • Hook for hanging Garden Hose
  • 148cm Garden Hose with Shut-off Nozzle

The colour of the Cascata is a realistic terracotta finish and is:

  • Height 115cm approximately
  • Approximately 63cm dia. at widest point
  • Weight 11 kilo
  • Holds 245 Litres

Optional extras include:

  • Pump kit (to enable up to three Cascata's to be connected together and emptied using just one pump)
  • Pump only
  • Diggers Diverter for easy connection to down pipe
  • Fresha Tank disc (Keeps water fresh & clean)
  • Hose adapter for tap
  • Adapter to convert GHT thread to BSP for popular watering devices

The Planter can alternatively be used as a bird bath.

Planting tips

Three small holes can be drilled into the bottom of the planter to allow excess water to drain down into the barrel. Capillary matting can be placed at the bottom of the planter to keep moisture in the planter and prevent soil going into the barrel. Alternatively Capillary matting can be placed on top of the screen guard. The rear hole in the planter, if not used for a down pipe, can be used to stand a plant pot in to give height to any planting.

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