Bokashi Urban Composter (with Free Backyard Composting Book)

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This 15L Bokashi composter is the smallest in our Bokashi composting range. But don’t be put off by that as it packs a great composting punch and plays well ’above its weight.’ Called the Urban Composter it’s ideal for those who have smaller gardens or live in flats or for larger needs why not have two?

Unlike our other more traditional Bokashi composters, the Urban composter comes with a great range of lid colour options. The modern design and ‘fun’ colour options make them ideal to encourage children to take charge and deal with the kitchen waste!

Just lift the lid and add your scraps (even meat and fish) and add Bokashi Bran.

It's clean, and eco-friendly and comes in either Red, Purple, Green or Black lid options

Completely air tight so there is no smell or access for flies or insects to get in.

Urban Composter Dimensions

  • Capacity: 15 Litres
  • Diameter: 29cm
  • Height (Back): 40cm
  • Height (Front): 35cm

The Bokashi Urban Composter also comes complete with 1kg Bokashi Bran.

 * includes a FREE Backyard Composting Book
** free book not available with the chilli red option (different supplier)