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Tumbleweed & Diggers accessories

All the below products are available to purchase individually.


... with on /off Control lever

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  • Fits both 68 mm round and 65 mm square down pipes
  • Collects rainwater efficiently
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Supplied complete with all fittings and instruction for Algreen barrels
  • Compatible with most makes of down pipes
  • Available in Black or White 



... the natural water treatment with anti microbial disc 

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  • High quality hygienic 100% reliable and everlasting
  • When immersed in water it destroys germs, virus bacteria and fungus
  • Water stays fresh, clean and odour free
  • Environmentally friendly. (Made from natural materials, copper and silver)
  • It’s simple and stylish working every time without wear.
  • Suitable to put in your water barrel, it will immediately begin to work
  • One disc required per 200 litres approximately. More can be added if needed depending on situations



... the easy way to water your garden

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  • 240 v submersible pump with a long three metres electrical cord, standard pump
  • Pump connector to fit suitable garden hose up to 7½ metres long. (Hose not supplied) Unique in line valve to adjust flow rate.
  • Easy maintenance
  • The model is thermally protected
  • It’s supplied with suction caps and hose connectors of the highest quality



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Tumbleweed Worm Blankets have been designed to encourage efficient worm farming by creating the dark, moist, aerated environment that compost worms thrive in

  • Manufactured from breathable 100% natural fibres
  • Ideal thickness to retain moisture.
  • Stitched in handle for easy use.
  • Round Blankets for Can O Worms
  • Rectangular Blankets For Worm Cafe



Tumbleweed Worm Farm & Compost

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  • Conditioner keeps you worm farm healthy
  • Specially selected blend of natural minerals Balances pH levels in your worm farm and Compost Bin
  • Neutralises acidity
  • Helps worms digest larger quantities of food waste
  • Helps reduce odours
  • Assists in the control of pest infestations
  • Shaker top plastic bottle 230mm height x 70mm diameter 850g net


Up to 5 year manufacturer's warranty