3 Part Space Saver Water Butt Stand

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This stand makes taking water out of your water butt a much easier task

This Strata water butt stand is a reliable elevator for a wide range of water butts that we offer. It's composed of 3 parts and is made of a black plastic material.

It's suitable for use with the following water butts:

  • 114L Standard Water Butt Barrel
  • 120L Standard Water Butt Barrel
  • 120L Oak Wood Effect Water Butt Barrel
  • 210L Standard Water Butt Barrel
  • 250L Super Space Saver Water Butt

Product details

  • Colour - Black
  • Capacity (Litres) - 114
  • Brand - Strata
  • Height (CM) - 40
  • Width (CM) - 40
  • Depth (CM) - 40
  • Weight (KG) - 3